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  • 0.4
    # New features
    Rework and vastly improve the ImpedanceModel class.
    Add a new TransverseMapSector element to tracking between two positions.
    Add the transverse_map_sector_generator convenience function which generate a list of TransverseMapSector elements from a ring with an AT lattice.
    Update the Optics class to be able to compute the phase advance at any location on the lattice.
    Add a new method to BeamLoadingEquilibrium to compute the PTBL threshold.
    Add the lcbi_stability_diagram function to plot the longitudinal coupled bunch instability stability diagram for a arbitrary list of CavityResonator objects.
    Improve the lcbi_growth_rate_mode and lcbi_growth_rate functions.
    Add save and load methods for Bunch and Beam objects.
    Improve the PhysicalModel class, the change_values and taper methods are now more pratical to use and add get_aperture and plot_resistivity methods.
    Add Synchrotron.get_adts method which computes ADTS from AT lattice.
    Add read_ABCI, read_ECHO2D and improve read_CST functions to import external data.
    Add a plot method for both Impedance and WakeFunction class.
    Added class representation for ComplexData, Impedance, WakeFunction, WakeField, Bunch and Beam classes.
    Rework the deconvolution/from_wakepotential/to_impedance methods for them to work with any data loaded in the Impedance/WakeFunction classes and not just CST text files.
    Improved WakeField class by adding __iter__ and __add__ methods.
    Add new Jupyter notebooks for collective effects and bunch by bunch feedback.
    # Bugfix
    Fix Coating impedance convention.
    Fix ADTS implementation in TransverseMap to use Jx/Jy instead of x/y.
    Fix ImpedanceModel.power_loss_spectrum that needs a double sided impedance spectrum.
    Fix ExponentialDamper class.
    Fix a hard coded value of 0.5 A in BeamLoadingEquilibrium class.
    Fix transverse wake sign in get_gaussian_wakepotential.
  • 0.3
    Add bunch by bunch feedback module with ExponentialDamper and FIRDamper classes.
    Various improvement for WakeFunction, Impedance and WakeField classes.
    Add save and load functions to ImpedanceModel and WakeField classes.
    Performance improvement for WakePotential class.
  • 0.2
    Add the Courant Snyder invariant to the saved data in the BunchMonitor and BeamMontior.
    Add an n_bin optional parameter for CavityResonator.
    Add a new example notebook for RF cavities and longitudinal beam dynamics.
    Fix several bugs on the Monitor module.
    Fix a bug in the Impedance class.
  • 0.1
    First release of mbtrack2.